Wholesome Fan Emails – Cinemassacre’s New Mailbag

I haven’t done a mailbag episode in a really long time. So, I cracked open the laptop, set up the camera, and got reading. I’ve saved up a bunch of super nice messages, all of which I’ve responded to already. Over the years, there’s been so many wholesome emails it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you everyone. I plan on doing another mailbag episode after we finish Monster Madness. I also saved a bunch of really funny emails.

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  • kirbywordy
    January 16, 2022 at 11:59 pm

    Dear, AVGN

    As I was rewatching the NES accessories episode, I always chuckle at the idea of the speed board. But, what makes it even funnier for me is the practicality a disabled person might get out of it. I live with a disability and can only game with two index fingers! I am not trying to make you feel bad in any way, it just got me curious if you’d want to do an NES accessories 2 all about disabled peripherals. Today we have the Xbox accessibility controller, but it would be neat to see what Nintendo may have that I didn’t know about!

    All the best, Kirbywordy

  • Rick
    October 24, 2022 at 8:06 pm

    James, I think you are one of the most likeable people on Youtube.
    Regarding Cinemassacre, I love what you do with your platform. You are honest about your content & it’s clear that your passion for movies is what drives your work, rather than making the maximum amount of money. I can relate to your movie critiques because I feel like I relate to your experience as a fan. You remind me of many friends that I grew up with and the conversations we would have about 80’s & 90’s action movies.
    It’s clear to me that you are always trying to adapt to the career you have found yourself in, without ever compromising your artistic integrity. With the way things are at the moment, I can’t think of anything more important for a “content creator” to be doing.
    Keep creating & keep evolving.
    Best wishes

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