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    James / May 13th, 2015

    After the release of the Blu-ray version of Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie, we’re pleased to announce that it is now also available on standard DVD format. Get it on Amazon. There was a delay, because, after jam-packing the Blu-ray with over 10 hours of features, we found out how limited DVD technology is. We

  • AVGN Movie on Steam

    James / April 28th, 2015

    Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie is now on Steam! Steam is mainly a gaming site. Apparently we’re one of the first films for beta testing. I guess you can say we’re a guinea pig. So help make it awesome.   Here is the full up-to-date list of options: Blu-ray on See details on

  • YouTube Playlists

    Mike Matei / April 23rd, 2015

    We have many playlists for our videos on YouTube. Please use them for your convenience! Angry Video Game Nerd (Newest to oldest) ► Angry Video Game Nerd (Oldest to Newest) ► James & Mike Mondays Playlist ► Board James ► Mike’s Game Reviews ► You Know What’s Bullshit!? ► AVGN Episodes

  • Cinemassacre COMMENTARIES

    James / April 7th, 2015

    Check out these commentaries I’ve done on my own films. Some of these are old, and some are new to the web. Red Zombie (1997) Kung Fu Werewolf From Outer Space (2001) Cinemaphobia (2001) Curse of the Cat Lover’s Grave (2003) Legend of the Blue Hole (2004) The Deader The Better (2005) Also, here’s one

  • The Return of Board James

    James / March 30th, 2015

      After a 2 year hiatus, Board James will finally return. Good time to catch up on past episodes. These upcoming episodes, as simple as they are, have been on my mind for a long time. Since the DreamPhone finale, I had ideas for a new string of episodes, and planned to start on them in early

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