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  • Watch new AVGN early on Amazon Prime now.

    James / April 18th, 2018

    Angry Video Game Nerd: Episode 156: Earthbound (SNES) is up now on Amazon Prime. See here. Amazon US Link Amazon UK Link It will be on YouTube very soon, as usual. Nothing changes. But if you want to see it early, go to Amazon. It’s free, just the same, and no ads if you have

  • Buffalo NY appearance

    James / March 19th, 2018

    I will be appearing at Nickel City Con May 18-20 Buffalo NY. More details here.

  • TNT’s MonsterVision TV Listings – Updated 2/19/2018

    James / February 19th, 2018

    MonsterVision was a series of horror/sci-fi movie marathons on the cable channel TNT. Today, most people remember it for it’s later era with Joe Bob Briggs as the host (1995-2000), for good reasons. He had a hilarious personality and is the hero of all movie lovers, like I’ve said in my tribute to MonsterVision video.

  • Appearances 2018

    James / January 2nd, 2018

    Here are some of the confirmed appearances I will be attending so far. Others may be confirmed soon. Keep in mind, my travels could be affected by snow on the East coast. -James   Jan 14 – Red Bank, NJ – Yestercades Jan 20, 21 – City of Industry, CA – SoCal Retro Gaming Expo

  • 2018 – Personal projects

    James / December 29th, 2017

    Been a while since I wrote something here. Just wanted to say I hope you enjoyed all the steady content in 2017. Frequent AVGN Episodes, J&M Mondays, Mimal the Elf, finally sharing my love of music in Playlist Junkie, and weekly movie reviews, some of them massive undertakings (Oz books, Power Rangers, Kongathon, Mandella effect,

  • Why is there cardboard in Dracula?

    James / November 3rd, 2017

    Extreme Nerdy Horror Trivia! In the classic 1931 Dracula starring Bela Lugosi, why is there a piece of cardboard on a lamp? An error, or was it actually something intentional?

  • October apppearances

    James / September 25th, 2017

    I will be making a couple appearances this October in the NJ/PA area.   OCT 15 Sunday – RETROCON, OAKS PA Signing 12pm-3pm. Q&A 3:15om-4pm.   OCT 28 Saturday – GAMEACON, ATLANTIC CITY NJ 1pm-4pm Use coupon code “NERD”  

  • Son of Monster Madness

    James / September 22nd, 2017

    As stated last year, Monster Madness has been discontinued as a 31-day marathon of new reviews. BUT it continues, with 5 new reviews, plus reruns for Youtube. Some of the reruns will be big compilations of entire franchises, such as all the Nightmare on Elm St reviews combined into one. Like a playlist.

  • NES Batman – Cinemassacre Animated

    Mike Matei / July 25th, 2017

    NES Batman – Cinemassacre Animated Animated by If you’re interested in animating a segment for us, please send a demo reel of your animations to [email protected] for consideration. Thanks! See the original video

  • AVGN X3 Blu-ray available!

    James / June 26th, 2017

    Angry Video Game Nerd Episodes 115-140 are now on Blu-ray. This is the 3rd in the Blu-ray series “X3”. Get it on Amazon. 2 discs. Region Free. Includes episodes 115-140. Bonus content includes: -Jekyll and Hyde Movie Trailer, plus Outtakes and Making Of. -“You Know What’s Bullshit” episodes (all up until Dangerous Funeral Processions) -“Nerdy

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