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  • Interviews with Mike Matei

    Mike Matei / February 2nd, 2015

    Check out these other interviews with Mike Matei from around the web! If you’d like to do a written interview with Mike Matei for your blog or website contact [email protected] 31FilmTalk interviews Mike Matei” (Feb 17nd, 2015) UWM Post “Mike Matei: The Other Half of the Cinemassacre Duo” (Feb 2nd, 2015) Talking Beer and Games with Mike Matei (Dec 19,

  • Game Collection Count

    Mike Matei / January 27th, 2015

    Note: This is a rough estimate. Not every single game and console has been counted. Mike’s COLLECTION 409 Atari 2600 60 Atari 5200 17 Atari 7800 79 Gameboy 34 Gameboy Color 287 NES 114 SNES 39 N64 71 Gamecube 8 Dreamcast 37 Sega Master System  40 Sega Game Gear 93 Sega Genesis 3 Sega Saturn 55

  • AVGN DVD Vol 8 + AVGN Movie available on YouTube

    James / January 27th, 2015

        Angry Video Game Nerd: Volume 8 DVD EPISODES.. AVGN Games Wish List Pt 1 Wish List Pt 2 Big Rigs Desert Bus Beetlejuice EXTRAS Video Commentary on the year (Behind-the-scenes) Outtakes Game Gear review (Mike) Ghostbusters Leftovers (Mike) SGC Panel 2014 TMG Panel 2014 TMG AVGN 10 Year Anniversary speeches ——————————————   Get

  • AVGN Movie Blu-ray is here! 10+ Hours of bonus content

    James / December 14th, 2014

    Get Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie on Blu-ray! (Distributed by Screenwave Media) BUY ON AMAZON It totals about 10 hours of bonus content, (12 hours including the main feature film), which is insane! That doesn’t even count the audio commentary track, and audience reaction track. It should be noted that half of the bonus

  • Updates

    James / December 1st, 2014

    The AVGN Movie Blu-ray has been completed (with about 10 hours of bonus content). The discs are being manufactured, and we are just waiting to hear a ship date. I’m hoping it will be in time for the holidays, but for the moment, there’s nothing we can do, but wait.   I’ve had some major technical failures,

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