AVGN Physical Game Pre-Order and Black Friday Sale

AVGN Physical Game Pre-order:

New AVGN Blu-ray (Seasons 13 & 14):

Black Friday Sale:

Please note: if purchased with other items everything will ship when pre-orders arrive.

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  • Marshall Minor
    April 1, 2022 at 3:01 pm

    First I’m a big fan of your series as i grew up with the same games you did and most of the words you said I did as well along with more colorful metaphors. I do have something you might find interesting with The Angry Video Game Nerd adventures, the first one. Assholevania is a sped up remix of the Starblazers opening theme, take a good listen and I think you,ll catch it. Thank you for your time and keep kicking ass in whatever you decide to do, let no one ever tell you different.

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