Wizards and Warriors (NES) James & Mike Mondays

Mike Matei / August 15th, 2016

James and Mike play Wizards and Warriors for NES


  • Don Skiver

    August 15, 2016 at 6:22 am

    Sorry James, I believe she is just referred to as “The Princess”.
    Disappointing, I know. πŸ™

  • cniedwor

    August 15, 2016 at 6:27 am

    Candida? Seriously? Now that is one distressed damsel, I’m sure…
    Whoever came up with that name probably had a good giggle that day.

    • August 20, 2016 at 6:30 am

      They know that’s a stomach yeast?

      • cniedwor

        August 20, 2016 at 7:10 pm

        A stomach yeast that can cause rather unpleasant infections in your private parts, yes.

  • itscmillertime

    August 15, 2016 at 7:05 am

    I have this game… Never really played t much though

  • bud

    August 15, 2016 at 7:54 am

    The blue acorns look like dildos.
    Just me?

  • rob norton

    August 15, 2016 at 7:58 am

  • Allen Lucas

    August 15, 2016 at 9:01 am

    Just in time for my birthday!

  • hopposai787

    August 15, 2016 at 9:54 am

    never understood what to do when i was a kid. got this recently and finally beat it, was much easier as an adult.

  • Weldin Dunn

    August 15, 2016 at 11:25 am

    Great choice this week! I always prefer the retro games.

  • barlitone

    August 15, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    Pressing SELECT activates your special item–boots of force open doors and chests that are locked (and you don’t have the key), wonder wand shoots out those magic projectiles, there’s a cloak that makes you invisible, etc. The Axe of Agor is a projectile you throw when you wiggle your sword. It’s like the Dagger except stronger.

  • Shoichi Hagane

    August 15, 2016 at 2:16 pm

    Answer to your comment on video: What is it about Japanese culture that some games aren’t released in the US.

    Mike/James I am not sure that this comment will reach you, because I know that you are very busy with all you do at/for Cinemassacre.

    My wife and I have worked for Minoru Arakawa (former president of Nintendo of America) when we lived in Seattle. I have also published research on video games (hence why I am a fan of you and James). Given my work and connections, I know many of the reasons why some famicom and superfamicom games weren’t released to the US, if you are interested in discussing it more.

    I’ve sent an e-mail to Mike that addresses some of this in detail.

  • August 15, 2016 at 2:43 pm

    Her name… Mhm… How’bout something funnier like the knight actually being female instead lol

    • August 15, 2016 at 2:45 pm

      It’s funny how we always just assume it’s male if there are no curves or a big balloon cleavers.

      • August 15, 2016 at 9:33 pm

        balloon cleavage**

  • TheFreakMachine

    August 15, 2016 at 3:51 pm

    The creepy music was used in a AVGN Video: which one?

    The game starts….NOW!

  • August 15, 2016 at 4:31 pm

    Im so excited that your looking at this game as it was one of my favorit from when i was young, the theme melody is still my favorit to this day. I even went so far to make a elektronic remix/cover of it https://soundcloud.com/morten-hjortsh-j-nielsen/mindbeat-wizards-warriorsrns πŸ™‚ its not
    that great, but shows my dedication to this game and sound πŸ™‚

  • Grandmasterp

    August 15, 2016 at 9:25 pm

    Thy hath beaten this game twenty-five years ago. Its time thy rescues thy fair princess once again…eth?

    • August 15, 2016 at 9:34 pm

      They wanted to bring it back, but went back to ‘you’ and ‘have’ 30 sec after lol

    • Grandmasterp

      August 15, 2016 at 10:51 pm

      Is it thy or is it thou? Oh well, fucked if I know.

  • Zombies

    August 15, 2016 at 9:37 pm

    Use the battleaxe dude! πŸ˜€

  • ssokolow

    August 15, 2016 at 9:46 pm

    “Somebody needs to bring back thou hath”

    There’s nothing to bring back about that. It’s a grammar error.

    (Early Modern English used “thou hast” or “he/she/it hath”. “thou hath” is like saying “he like it”.)


    That aside, I agree that archaic grammar has an appeal to it. I’d try to bring back the use of “mine” instead of “my” when the next word starts with a vowel. (eg. “mine eyes”)

    It’s the same sort of thing as saying “an apple” rather than “a apple”.

  • August 15, 2016 at 10:20 pm

    You guys should play Ironsword at some point. The best of the series by far IMHO. The third one is ok if you like RPG elements.

  • August 16, 2016 at 5:13 pm

    Dang, this game is like Dark Souls for NES!

  • Mike Medd

    August 17, 2016 at 1:20 am

    mike though i appreciate you in a lot of other videos some days you make the videos almost unwatchable. Like frogs and flies and maze craze with bootsy were great. Thanks for bringing back memories with this game though guys. πŸ™‚

  • Diend

    August 17, 2016 at 5:01 am

    Hah it looks like arcade game “Legend Of Makai”.
    In a good way πŸ™‚

  • August 17, 2016 at 6:17 am

    Sometimes they made games HARDER (I mean, next to impossible!) on the NES compared to the ‘same’ game on the Famicom… Double Dragon III and Bayou Billy are notorious examples.

  • August 18, 2016 at 12:06 am

    Awesome! I remember playing this years ago. You guys should play Faxanadu! That’s actually a couple more good skull/skeleton guys too Mike! Keep up the great work!

  • August 18, 2016 at 2:41 pm

    Why did none of you use the Boots of Force as a weapon? It’s literally the strongest weapon in the game. Hit select and you can kill most bosses in a few hits. I kept wanting to say use the damn boots!

  • August 19, 2016 at 6:31 pm

    Hell yeah! Thou hath 2017 I promise to increase my usage of the term.

  • August 20, 2016 at 4:05 pm

    Should play wizards and wardrobes… Featuring wizzrobe

  • August 23, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    Dude these videos never work anymore wtf? Like across all of my computers.

  • Cineassacre

    August 25, 2016 at 9:41 am

    Princess What’s-Her-Name.

  • August 26, 2016 at 11:51 pm

    almost every girls name in this game are in spanish. That is the reason for your difficulty pronouncing

  • August 26, 2016 at 11:55 pm

    should try with the other two games in the series

  • Paulballsftw

    August 29, 2016 at 8:31 pm

    The battle ax is that shooting ax you have already. The wand is the thing when you hit select. You also got invincible and didn’t use it when hit select.

  • Paulballsftw

    August 29, 2016 at 8:37 pm

    The sweet spot for the end guy was where you were at the end. You don’t chase him you stay in that one area and wait for him to pop up near there.

  • retronostalgia

    September 1, 2016 at 2:50 pm

    +1 for David the Gnome reference

  • egonline

    September 7, 2016 at 8:58 pm

    I was surprised to hear you didn’t mention Donkey Kong Country and Killer Instinct as examples of Rare’s games as well. I’d say these are probably amongst the most well-known games in Rare’s catalog. Rare really set a standard for video games early on, and were one of Nintendo’s most trusted companies. I believe that Nintendo pretty much subsidized Rare’s development of games for the NES by providing them with the funds they needed to develop their what are now classics games. Kudos to Rare, and kudos to James & Mike for having such great taste in games!

  • gamerdude

    September 16, 2016 at 4:10 pm

    i wanna play this looks good you guys are always showing some good games i aint heard of cause im always looking for nes games i havent played

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