Photos of Mike’s Atari collection – Facebook Group

Mike Matei / March 22nd, 2015

Are you an Atari 2600 fan? If so, you may want to join this facebook group, detailing the progress of Mike Matei’s Atari collection.

It was made mainly to help figure out which variants are still needed. (Also, so that we can see which junky labels need replacing!) The photos are mostly for my own reference, but I figured others would enjoy seeing them.

After joining the group, you can click on “photos” to go through pictures of all Mike’sĀ Atari games divided by company.

I’m hoping that other Atari fans/collectors out there can take a look at my collection and help get insight on which carts I should still try and get. If you own a game that you can’t find here, let me know because I’d like to try and get a copy of every single Atari game. (Variants included). If you’d like to donate at cart, contact

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