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Mike Matei / February 23rd, 2014

This is a list of Cinemassacre videos edited by Mike Matei as of April 23 2014.

This does not include other help such as playing the games, acting, drawing, writing or anything else. This only concerns which videos I’ve EDITED. This list might not be 100% accurate because it’s hard to remember on some of the smaller videos who edited what. (Like the promos to monster madness for example)


Monster Madness total = 138

2007 – 0 James edited all of them this year
2008 – 28
2009 – 31
2010 – 31
2011 – 31
2012 – 17
2013 – 0┬áJames edited all of them in 2013 (I only helped capture clips)


James & Mike Mondays total = 43


Other Movie Reviews total 65
Alien Invaders 1
Alien Invaders 2
Alien Invaders 3
Alice In Wonderland
Alien vs Ninja
Back to the Future
Back to the Future 2
Back to the Future 3
Bat a Thon 1
Bat a Thon 2
Bat a Thon 3
Battle Beyond the Stars
Black Christmas
Celler Dweller
Dark Knight Returns – Mike
Drunken Wu Tang
Ed Wood a thon 1
Ed Wood a thon 2
Game of Death
Groundhog Day
Humanoids from the Deep
I Come In Peace
Karate Kid Trilogy
Kill Bill
King Kung Fu
Maximum Overdrive
Message From Space
Monolith Monsters – Mike
Nightmare Before Christmas
Pee Wee
Pinocchio’s Revenge
Return to Oz
Robo Vampire
Santa Claus
Santa Claus and the Ice Cream Bunny
The Shining
Star Trek 2
Star Trek 3
Star Trek 4
Star Wars Trilogy Part 1
Star Wars Trilogy Part 2
Terminator 2
Terminator 3
Treasure of the Four Crowns
The Vindicator
We Wish You A Turtle Christmas
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
X From Outer Space
Yokai Monsters
Zarkorr the Invader

AVGN Episodes total 16

(James also worked on editing these but I did a large majority)

Wally Bear
Master Chu
Chronologically Confused Zelda
Star Trek
Milon’s Secret Castle
Mario Is Missing
Super Pitfall
Castlevania Part 3
Winter Games
Zelda 2
Day Dreamin Davey
Kid Kool

AVGN Related total 5
Magfest 2013 Panel
Too Many Games 2012 Panel
AVGn Autographs and Arcade
AVGN Magfest 2012 Panel
Ricky 1 Review

Animation Videos total 12
Walt Disney Comics and Stories
Transform a Transformer
Top 10 G1
BTTF Animated
Inspector Gadget 1
Inspector Gadget 2
Top 20 Turtle Flubs
TMNT cartoon series review 1
TMNT cartoon series review 2
TMNT cartoon series review 3
Confused about TMNT DVDs

Interviews total 3
Larry Kenny
Peter Newman
Brent Spiner

Top 10’s total 19
Mighty Morphin
Horror Remakes
Frankenstein moments
Lost Horror
Shitty Shatner
Favorite Films 1
Favorite Films 2
Favorite Films 3
Making Movies
Tales from the crypt
Twilight Zone
Dumb Indiana
Top 13 Friday
Car Chases

Other Misc total 28
Harold Ramis Tribute
Mr Tambourine Man
Mikes VHS Collection Update
PD Horror art
Video Store Memories
Bela Birthday
Most Unlikely VS Battles 1
Most Unlikely VS Battles 2
Most Unlikely VS Battles 3
Titans of Terror Videos – 8 videos
Generation TMNT 2
Mikes DVD Collection
Mikes Action Figure Collection
Alt History of Mario

Name that Tune – 6 videos

Animation total 5
Kung Fu Bandito
History of SMDC
Late Night Ganon
Shit Pickle 1
Shit Pickle 2

Board James total 1

Mikes Gaming Videos total 53
Trivia Videos total 15
Commentaries total 5

Overall total 408 videos as of April 23rd 2014


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