TV memories I’ll never see again

James / February 13th, 2014

There’s certain TV shows you remember seeing as a child, and sometimes wish to see again once more. In this day of DVD availability and internet, it seems that usually anything that ever existed can be found. But there’s rare occasions where the show seems to be lost in time, never to be seen again. Here’s some shows, off the top of my head, that I’ve never been able to find.


Turbo Teen
This was a cartoon show from the early 80′s about a guy who turns into a car. A dumb concept, but it was before Transformers, so it seemed awesome at the time. It was the earliest show I can remember watching as a child, and is the first thing I ever recorded on a VCR. I haven’t seen it since. It would be nice to revisit. I’m aware that there’s some clips on YouTube, but it would be great to see a full episode. It also had a very short run, so the whole series could fit on a small DVD set. More obscure shows have found their way on DVD, but not this one.


Insomniac with Dave Attell (Philadelphia episode)
The format was simple. In this show, comedian Dave Attell explores the hot spots in cities late at night. I remember laughing really hard at the Philadelphia episode and was funny to see Dave Attell cracking jokes at all my old stomping grounds. It blows my mind that there are not one, but two “BEST OF” DVD sets, but NO Philadelphia episode! “Best of”, my ass! For shows that didn’t run too long to begin with, I don’t understand what the harm would be of just releasing ALL the episodes in one set. I’d buy it. This show was on Comedy Central and fairly well known, but somehow the one episode I want to see again can not be found anywhere.


Hey! Spring of Trivia (original Japanese name “Fountain of Trivia”)
This was a game show where a bunch of really dumb experiments are put to the test. It used to make me laugh so hard, I was in pain. I’ve seen a few clips on YouTube and some full videos in Japanese, but it was funnier when it was dubbed. The show aired on Spike, so I don’t understand why it’s so impossible to find. I would love to see it again and have those precious laughs once more.


Anyone know where to find these shows?

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