AVGN MOVIE – Miniatures, Model makers wanted

James / January 9th, 2013

I know this isn’t the first time I asked of this, and it possibly might not be the last. Things have changed since we moved filming to the East Coast. We are looking for artists in the Philadelphia area to build miniature cities and models for an epic scene in the AVGN Movie that still has yet to be completed. Please send demo reels/websites, and your availability to help@AVGNmovie.com.

For anyone else wondering, we’ve made a ton of progress on the film. We have a two hour rough cut. Some scenes are what I’d call “rough cut” and others are just a basic assembly, not counting VFX work, and scenes that have yet to be shot. Every other weekend, I’ve been getting another one filmed. The filming has been moving slow, only because there’s a lot of prep work for these final scenes. Also, 2012 was the busiest year of my life. From the summer all the way through the holiday season. Now we go into the dead middle of winter which is my “get shit done” season!




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