Michael Bay’s TMNT from Outer Space?

James / March 20th, 2012

My inbox has been getting slammed the past couple days about the news regarding the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. All the outrage is over a comment producer Michael Bay made about the turtles being from outer space. My thoughts?

I watched the video clip and laughed out loud. I thought he was making a joke or it was a slip up. Do I care much? No. It’s Michael Bay. What did you expect? The Transformers movies had barely anything to do with Transformers, so I’ve always been foreseeing him giving the same sort of treatment to TMNT. Changing the turtles origins I’m sure is only the beginning. Wait until you see Krang is a 20 foot slug or something. We can only guess.

Why does Michael Bay have to be involved with every horror reboot and every reboot of our favorite 80’s cartoons. Because you all keep going to see his movies!┬áThe last Transformers movie made over a billion dollars worldwide! Sure I thought the Transformers movies were entertaining enough, though I wish they were called something else. The title was the bait and we were the fish. You have the choice to see the new TMNT or not. My suggestion is if you don’t like the concept, avoid the bait and don’t see it.


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