AVGN and Shit Pickle plush / UPDATE about FREE month of Advantage program

James / February 3rd, 2012

You can own the AVGN for yourself and rub Shit Pickle all over your body by simply picking one up at ScrewAttackStore.com!

Sorry about another thing to buy, right after a fundraiser.

And don’t miss the video. It’s funny!

ALSO, NEW UPDATE. (See the end of the video about a free month of advantage program on ScrewAttack as an additional Thanks!)

Free Month of Advantage on ScrewAttack – http://www.screwattack.com/advantage

1) Log in/Make an Account on ScrewAttack
2) Click “Advantage” in your drop down menu
3) Select “Support Monthly”
4) Fill out the info
5) Put “AVGN” in the promo code area
6) Finish up the page!


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