TV shows I want to see again, but can’t find

James / August 8th, 2011

Turbo Teen
Cartoon show from the early 80’s about a guy who turns into a car. It was the earliest show I can remember watching as a child, and is the first thing I ever recorded on a VCR. I haven’t seen it in 25 years or more. Would be nice to revisit. I’m aware that there’s some clips on YouTube, but it would be great to have a complete set on DVD. I won’t hold my breath.

Insomniac with Dave Attell (Philadelphia episode)
It blows my mind that there are not one, but TWO “BEST OF” DVD sets, but NO Philadelphia episode! “Best of”, my ass! Not good enough for my money. For shows that didn’t run too long to begin with, I don’t understand what the harm would be of just releasing ALL the episodes right off the bat. I’d love to see that Philadelphia episode again some day.

I only saw a few episodes of this mock debate show from the 2000’s, and from what I’ve seen, it was funny as hell!¬†Wish I could see it again, but apparently it sank beneath the radar, never to surface anywhere.

Hey! Spring of Trivia (original Japanese name “Fountain of Trivia”)
Out of all these shows, this is the one I remember laughing the hardest at. It was so fucking funny, I almost puked. I’ve tried searching for this, and other than a few clips on YouTube, there’s not much of it out there. Would love to have a complete DVD set, and I can’t imagine it being as funny in its native language. The way I remember it was dubbed. Hilarious. Top of my wish list.


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