AVGN Curse Count & FPM (Fucks Per Minute)

Mike Matei / December 13th, 2009

The results are in! First, I need to give a big thanks to everyone who helped on this project. I’ve gotten a lot of emails counting the curses (F-words) in the AVGN videos. Naturally, the same videos have been counted more than once, but it only helped confirm it. None of your work has gone unnoticed.

I’m going to direct you to to two different polls.
<a href=”http://www.cinemassacre.com/AVGN/other/curse/avgn3fixad3.htm”> The Curse Chart</a>. A scoreboard detailing all the swears.
<a href=”http://avgncursecount.webs.com/index.htm”> The AVGN Curse Count Website</a>. Very comprehensive.

Check’em out and enjoy. But here’s the basic results.

I say “Fuck” less often in the 2008 videos, which debunks any rumor that my swearing has increased.

However the use of PG-rated words such as “shit” “ass” and “bitch” has, in fact, gone up.
<h3>YEARLY TOTAL FPM (Average Fucks Per Minute) </h3>
2004/2006 = 2.04        (I say “fuck” every 42 seconds.)
2007 = 2.07                 (I say “fuck” every 30 seconds.)
2008 = 1.61 (so far)     (I say “fuck” every 60 seconds.)
<h3>TOP 10 LOWEST FPM</h3>
10. (2008) Indiana Jones Trilogy – 0.95

9. (2004) Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest – 0.84

8. (2006) McKids – 0.77

7. (2008) Star Trek – 0.76 (tie)

6. (2007) Halloween – 0.76 (tie)

5. (2006) Master Chu &amp; The Drunkard Hu – 0.54

4. (2008) DoubleVision Part 1 – 0.51

3. (2008) Superman – 0.37

2. (2008) Zelda Timeline – 0.28

1. (2008) Virtual Boy – 0.21
<h3>TOP 10 HIGHEST FPM</h3>
10. (2006) Double Dragon 3 – 2.87

9. (2008) Wizard of Oz  – 2.88

8. (2008) Deadly Towers – 2.92

7. (2007) Texas Chainsaw Massacre –  3.0

6. (2006) TMNT – 3.11

5. (2007) Silver Surfer – 3.29

4. (2007) Festers Quest – 3.38

3. (2007) Spiderman – 3.57

2. (2006) Power Glove – 4.71  (Highest actual number of fucks, 57)

1. (2007) Christmas Carol Part 1 – 5.40
(This one wins for the ending alone. It’s an epic Fuck rant!)

AVGN Vs. Nostalgia Critic: Final Battle – 8.6 FPM
That’s 46 fucks in 5:21 minutes. This is not an official AVGN episode/game review, but for it’s rapid fire of fucks from both the Nerd and the Critic, it would come out on top, easily.
<h3>FINAL WORDS:</h3>
This was amusing for me to see how much I’ve cursed in the videos and hope you all enjoy the Fuck Facts. In the past few years as the AVGN, I must have said Fuck more than I ever have in my life outside the videos. But it’s an honest genuine reaction to playing video games. You die, you say “Fuck.” That’s why it will always be a part of the videos. It’s true that you don’t have to curse to be funny, but AVGN is a character that does curse. Whether you think the cursing overshadows the entertainment and overall content of the videos is your own decision. But the fact is, the cursing has always been there and always will.

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  • May 24, 2010 at 4:54 pm

    That’s awesome! I counted how many times you said “dick” in the Dick Tracy review and it was over forty, lol. Keep up the awesome work, James!

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