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Mike Matei / November 5th, 2008

Here’s some of the recent fan songs I’ve received. Great work! I hope in some way it helps with some of your music careers.

Techno version by Slym

8-bit version by Slym

Rap Version by Magic 1 (see full credits here)

Hardcore Death Metal version by André

Cover by MySpace.com/MinionOfMusic

Epic version by Mike Pouch

Halloween version by Ville

Orchestral version by Matthias

Version by Mnec20

Version by Mypsace.com/Mantisgenome

Orchestral version by O.V.

Orchestral version by NitroFlash

Choir version (on youtube)

Cruse version (on youtube)

Also, here’s another interview that surfaced, taken at E3 last summer, by GameZombie.tv where I ramble about nonsense. Always fun.

And here’s an article from EGM magazine, Brazil.

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