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Ryan / November 2nd, 2008

This is the first day I haven’t posted a video in a long time. The Halloween madness is over. I actually ended up whipping together a last minute Haunted House which worked out really well and scared the shit out of trick or treaters. It’s almost like a psychology experiment, how much terror people conjure in their minds. I have video footage. Maybe I’ll edit it up later and post it here, or save it for next Halloween so I have something ready in advance.

I have some interesting videos I’ll be posting during November, but I’ll spread them out more. I’m slowing down a bit, so I can catch up with other things. I also think you’ll be pleased about the next AVGN video in the works. It’s something I get a ton of requests before, but it’s no easy task.

I went out to the damn movies for the first time in a while. Saw “ZACK AND MIRI (MAKE A PORNO)”. I feel as if I lost a ton of brain cells, but I liked every minute of it. I think it was the funniest and most original of Kevin Smith movies yet. It may also be his most raunchy, but he takes the vulgar material and crafts it into something more profound which is where the ingenuity is. It’s worth seeing.

AC/DC: BLACK ICE. I’ve gotten a lot of casual questions as to what I thought of the new AC/DC album. I think it’s great! It’s exactly what you’d expect from them. I haven’t had as much time to listen to it to decide, but I think War Machine is my favorite track. For the hook alone, I’d pick Big Jack.

I’m also looking forward to the new GNR, Chinese Democracy. It has to make anybody curious, since we’ve been hearing about it for the past 10 years (at least) and seen countless delays. Personally, I’ll believe it when it’s actually in my CD player. I’m overwhelmed with all these classic rock/metal bands making comebacks. New Metallica was last September (which was fantastic), new AC/DC in October,and ┬ánew GNR in November! It’s crazy. I also find it strange how they are now selling albums exclusively at stores (AC/DC in WalMart, GNR in Best Buy) just when it was getting easier to buy everything online. Now it forces us to leave our house, damn.

Thanks everybody for constantly coming to my site. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be typing random shit. Hope you had a good Halloween, I’m now off to clean up my big ass mess.

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