DeLorean hunt

Ryan / September 9th, 2008

I visited Universal Studios, California, just recently. The picture on the left shows the DeLorean as seen during the backlot tour. The last time I was there, in 1995, I took the picture on the right of the DeLorean on display out in the park. How many DeLoreans actually are there, or, if any of them, how many were really used in the movies? I may never know.

Also seen, here are miniatures of both of Doc’s time machines. Again, whether or not they were screen used, I’m not sure.

Below is the fiery apocalypse of Hill Valley. Universal Studios suffered a fire not too long ago,and I’ve heard the famous clock tower was destroyed. In the movie, it was struck by lightning, and now it burns. That clock tower never had any luck! Again, I remember seeing it during my last visit, about 13 years ago, but I can’t help but feel the large building on the right covered in trees, IS the clock tower, missing the roof, clock and pillars. Anyone have any info?

UPDATE: Thanks everyone for the info. It seems that the building I pointed out is the same courthouse. The pillars and clock were removed before the fire for the filming of The Ghost Whisperer, but at that time, it was painted white, so perhaps it’s been re-painted.

Also missing from the tour was King Kong, but the tour guide said there’s plans to bring him back.

I’ll end on a little more upbeat note. The Lyon Estates entrance is still surviving. During the tour, it appeared at random and with no mention from the tour guide, but I recognized it right away.

Of course, I could ramble about the other rides/attractions at the park, but there’s no need. Go check it out. I’m still on the Back to the Future topic for the next couple days.

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