"AVGN: Game Over"
A game by Gavin MacLean

Hi again. It's Gavin MacLean with a AVGN: Game Over announcement. I am in need of an awesome AVGN theme song for the final fight in the game. All you musicians who want their song featured in a video game, please follow the link listed for the details on your submissions. Remember you can all contact me for anything concerning the game at [email protected] Thanks, until next time!

Hi, Gavin MacLean here once again with another AVGN: Game Over update. This update is about story and plot. Now, I'm not going to ruin the whole thing, so it's alright to keep reading. This is just a general sum of it. (Unless you was able to watch my 'sneak peek' video, then this isn't really anything new). Basically, what's happened is that the AVGN has been sucked into a nameless NES game that he found by his door. He wonders around a while, beating the shit out of some video game villains, and then he find a guy dressed in a black robe. 
This is Lord Gavin. He's your main villain.
Before that, you find a glowing letter. Lord Gavin then appears and commands you to give it to him. (Ya, fuck that right?) Later, you find out that the letter is actually one of eight 'Letters of the Phrase', which when collected can open an inter-dimensional portal that leads to the 'Game Over' world. This is where all sucky failures end up to float for all eternity. Your goal then becomes to collect the phrase letters and defeat Lord Gavin before he escapes from the game and takes over the world.
Wow...just another day for the nerd huh?
With that aside, the game is basically 3 general acts: 1. basic game practise on 'good' game themed stages. 2. Finding the phrase letters on the 'shity' game themed worlds. Then finally, 3. Defeating Lord Gavin. Not really any pictures to show for it though. Just thought you'd all like to here about it.
Though the game is going well, due to how busy both me and James Rolfe are right now, I don't believe the game will be finished before summer. However, I hope it will be finished before 2009.

Hi again. It's Gavin MacLean again with another 'AVGN: Game Over' update for you. First off, I want to say thanks to those that have e-mailed me so far, you've given great ideas and much support. Keep it up! ([email protected]) Next, I want to say sorry for all of you that couldn't watch the videos. I'm having trouble getting them to work myself and if I can fix that I begin posting videos, but for now, I have some info and screen shots to show off!
First, a power-up run down: You got the Pens, which are basically like coins in Mario; get 100, you get another life. Next is the (Who couldn't have guessed this) Rolling Rock Beer Bottle, which heals you around 30 HP (That'll change if people find this game too hard. Max HP is 100 by the way). Next is the Nintendo Power Magazine, which make you invincible for a fairly long time, but is limited throughout the game. Next, the AVGN logo, which give you another life. These are normally in 'hard-to-reach' places, but are quite valuable and rare. Finally, (and best of all) the Cinemassacre Chainsaw Logo, in which you use like the hammer in Smash Brothers, only everyone explodes in a graphic display of blood! (James Rolfe, I know you'd enjoy that!)
Second, some other things to show off: The 'Game Over' screen (Taken right out of the 'Friday the 13th' review), and the face of Satan, which appear after a little event when you die without any life's left, in which case you just fade away bitching at yourself about how much it suck to have died at all.
And Finally for the day, the magic lepercon that comes and brings you beer. (Remember that from the Super Mario Bros. 3 review?) A mario-looking lepercon runs across the screen, and if you punch it (which is quite a task) you get some beer out of him. Sometime, getting the Lepercon is a life-changing outcome! Besides, it's just so satisfying!
That's all for now. Enjoy the pics!


Hello, I am Gavin MacLean. I am currently in the early stages of developing a new AVGN computer game! I have here some artwork I made, two video download links, one leading to a video showing the intro to the game, the other leading to a sneak peek video featuring basic game play. (Note: videos are in avi format and the sneak peek is outdated, meaning many changes have already been made since it was made) Enjoy them, I will send new stuff to the nerd when I can and if you have any idea's for me, comments, or fan mail, send your e-mails to [email protected] Enjoy!

Here are the two videos:
* Intro
* Sneak peak



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