Comic-Con 09 – Day One (part 2)

Mike Matei / July 25th, 2009

nother post from day one (Thursday). Well, this is a depressing title, but I got to see James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver, but not the Avatar clips. I promise there is a LOT of stuff I DID get to see. All coming up later.
Click here to watch
More to come soon.


Green Lantern: First Flight (saw whole movie)
Nightmare on Elm St. (saw trailer and panel)
Where the Wild Things are (saw lots of clips and panel)
Sherlock Holmes (saw long trailer and panel)
Star Wars stuff
District 9 (long clip/trailer and panel)
Stan Helsing: (clips and panel)
Family Guy panel: saw about 20 minutes of Empire Strikes Back spoof
Cleveland Show panel (saw about 15 minutes of episode)
Kevin Smith (Q&A)

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